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Viking Horse absolutely gorgeous

Perhaps this Viking carving was an inspiration for some of the carousel horses carved hundred years later! Viking carvings, around 275 bc.

beautiful Meus medieval viking drakkar viking boat medieval and ...

Dragon heads on the bow of the viking ships were supposed to protect against the evil spirits of the sea. Whatever, it's art.

I& a little wary of posting an infographic from the History Channel, notorious for rarely doing its history homework, not to mention all its ancient alien programming posing as real science, and they should have done spellcheck first

My kinda shipyard

doesn't really look like a dragon to me. It is a terrifying image though so I can see why the Vikings included images of dragons on the front of their ships. It was a way to intimidate their opponents.

Viking ships often had Dragons heads mounted on the bow to scare off sea monsters

The Vikings were not the first people to build ships but they did build the best ships anyone had made up to that time. Viking ships often had Dragons heads mounted on the bow to scare off sea monsters.

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Between the eighth and centuries, the Vikings left modern day Norway… Glorious viking ships.

Viking ship dragon tail

Viking ship dragon tail

Tattoo idea

Hugin and Munin are twin ravens that fly daily around the world then to report the events of the day to Odin, the All Father, of Norse Mythology sculpted by Aric Jorn and by Jivotica LLC.

Viking ship

Figurehead of a Viking longboat - they were often carved into the bow (front) of the ship. Figureheads are still used on many ships including the ill-fated Titanic

"Viking Spiral" from the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo Norway (photo by Tyson Wintibaugh)

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