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Stunning horse photography, gorgeous colored horse with a beautiful face.

Charly W. Karl; Science, Art & Nature

Horse Photography

Pinto/paint horse - The wild mustang stallion named Picasso comes close in the Sand Wash Herd Area in Colorado

Contrada, lusitanien (j)

This buckskin Lusitano looks particularly dashing in his braids and Baker polo wraps. (Does anyone have a source for this image?) -- OMG buckskins are so beautiful

Blazing Saddle Riders

Grey horses are the most beautiful horses of them all. As if u didn't know u were the most beautiful in every way.


Akhal Teke's are so beautiful! Along with a quarter horse, I will own one of these graceful bad boys one day.

Spring Time early morning breakfast.

Daily Graphic Design and Digital Photography Resources- Amazing Horse Photography by Olga Itina


Paso Fino colt at liberty - photo by Cheri Prill, via SmugMug