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Rhizostoma pulmo, commonly known as the Barrel Jellyfish or the Dustbin-Lid Jellyfish ~ By Rai Fernandez

Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the barrell jellyfish. (Photo credit: Rai Fernandez) apparently I like jellies

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ღღ Wentletrap ~~~~ Shells are Swell – Beautiful Examples of Seashell Photography

Uma água-viva, Cauliflour Jellyfish (Cephea cephea) em Marsa Shouna, no Mar Vermelho, Egito Foto by Derek Keats

Cauliflour Jellyfish, Cephea cephea at Marsa Shouna, Red Sea, Egypt SCUBA by Derek Keats

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Yes, the Jellyfish is a plankton, and it lacks brains. They don’t have a nervous system, and obviously, there are no brain signals.

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One of my favorite things! Neon Jellyfish, Aequorea victoria, contains Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). A gene often used in cloning organisms.

HUGE jellyfish!

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The Black Sea Nettle. These large jellyfish can grow to be over 3 feet in diameter, and their tentacles can be over 25 feet long. Despite their large size, much about them is still unknown

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Pacific green sea turtle swimming over the shallow coral reef at Two Steps (aka Pu‘uhonua O Honaunau or Honaunau or Place of Refuge), Big Island, Hawaii

australian jellyfish

Australia's Coral Sea is one of the last remaining places on Earth where populations of jellyfish like this one, as well as large fish such as sharks, tuna and billfish, remain healthy.

JellyFish; Blue; Ocean

SCOTTISH JELLYFISH~ Blue jellyfish or Bluefire jellyfish. scientific name Cyanea lamarcki, is usually found off the coast of Scotland, in the North Sea and in the Irish Sea, and can measure ten to across

Green sea turtle and jellyfish

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Green sea turtle and jellyfish