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Ok so I might collect horses in unique colors. Hope that's cool. (Note: JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE, THAT CAPTION IS A JOKE. God I hate these self-righteous people on Pinterest that take everything out of context. Everyone that told me off for "collecting living beings": I have been an equestrian for my entire goddamn life. I know what horse stewardship entails. I would never *actually* have more horses than I could reasonably care for. You all must be exhausting at parties.)

Beautiful‘Heza Blue Tom Cat’ the only blue roan tobiano Paint Stallion in Australia

Ike Domestic warmblood? 1/2 swedish warmblood 1/4 percheron 1/4 quarter horse brookstonefarms.com:

This colt is a cross of Swedish Warmblood, Percheron Quarter Horse. His name is "Ike." He exhibits amazing Silver Dapple Coloring! In this photo, Ike was only 11 weeks old & his coat will continue to darken. Ike was born on

Skys grandfather on his father's side Huckleberry Bey!

Huckleberry Bey (Bay-El-Bey x Taffona) Formed a dynasty as the sire of champion Arabian park horses as well as being a champion himself in Park and Show. Legion of Merit award winner and was made into a Breyer model. This is jewell's grandsire!