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sleeping with sirens lyrics Crazy how most of his lyrics, i can relate to.

<3333 ~Sleeping With Sirens

Trophy Father's Trophy Son - Sleeping With Sirens This song means so much to me ♥

I shake. I brought a gun and as the preacher tried to stop me... hold my heart it's beating for you anyway! -PTV

Favourite Lyrics - Caraphernelia - Pierce The Veil the word part is that I was singing this part to the song right as he sang it

Sleepwalking | Bring Me the Horizon

Time stood still the way it did before it's like I'm sleep walking. Sleepwalking bring me the horizon

Bring me the horizon

Won't you drain the lake and bring me home again? Who will fix me now, diving when I'm down. Save me from myself don't let me drown. - Bring Me The Horizon //Drown