Andy, I love him either way

Andy Biersack / Andy Sixx Just because he has changed, doesn't mean he is a different person.

"Black veil brides" by sierrafuentes on Polyvore

A fashion look from December 2013 featuring Boohoo jeans, Vans sneakers and Hot Topic bracelets.

Sometimes, we just know things | 31 INFJ Problems. My main reason for pinning this is the Tennant gif :)

31 INFJ Problems - Apparently we are rare. Commonly heard from an INFJ: "I told you so" and "Does that make sense?

Never hurt yourself somebody loves you❤️

"Suicide doesn't end the chances of life getting worse. Suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better." - Andy Beirsack of BVB

And people say that people in bands are evil. That's ridiculous.

If you have no idea who this is, go look up the Black Veil Brides right now! Or Andy Black or Andy Biersack

Why did God make him so good looking? Now I can't have him

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