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Please click the picture for a bigger size. Radoslav Zilinsky’s 2007 artwork “The World”. Please check out Zilinsky’s site for more .

Naboo, from Star Wars. Beautiful inspiration.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Behind the scenes photo. The image measures 2400 * 1350 pixels and was added on 1 January

Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Russia has created an advertising campaign for the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow. With the tagline “Discover the Full Story”,The underground buildings look more intricate and wonderful than the actual building above.The message is that the undiscovered history behind each building is a wealth of treasure and information -CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW ALL PICTURES.  Also:http://adrianlinks.com/advertising/museum-ads-reveal-secret-structures/

Secret structures under iconic buildings…

Schusev State Museum of Architecture: Discover the full story // Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, Moscow, Russia // Production: Carioca Studio

19 Templo de los espiritus en Ritroir. Situado en las montañas orientales. Es un lugar de peregrinación que se encuentra casi abandonado actualmente.

I like the touch of fantasy in the picture and how the building seems like a castle. I like how the bridge seems to be the only thing connecting the castle to the outside world.

Future Cities

Future Cities

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A Song of Dragons and Duty (Dragon Age Quest)

British Isles in 2100. Looks like my mother-in-law should sell her house sooner than later or she will end up under the Irish Sea...

British Isles in 2100 by Jay Simons. This is the map of the British Isles in fictional 2100 rising sea level scenario. Shown a sea level risen by 100 metres since Good to see St Albans is still there and is now a coastal city!

You might live uptown, or you might live in shanty town.

Collaterals' Suburb (City by L. Menabe - desktop wallpaper 1280 x 960 pixels)

5 Alien Species in Contact With Earth Right Now =Some people may think it’s impossible that aliens would be able to exist, and doubly impossible that they would be able to travel light years to visit us.  But think about this:  Our earth is only 4 billion years old in a universe that is 14 billion years old.  What could a species learn, create, and do that has a 2 or 3 billion year head start on us?

Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been in cahoots with military forces, deciding our future without ever consulting us. Below are some of the least obscu

11 real-life weapons from Destiny by Eric Newgard