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CRICKET FLOUR BY THE KILO Best Quality Cricket Flour / Extra Fine Protein Powder Extra fine grade for use in protein energy bars/snacks/drinks. farm raised crickets (Acheta domestica) go into making of insect protein powder.

Eating insects: The most eco-friendly meat? [Infographic]

Insects: The most eco-friendly meat? [Infographic]

Eating Insects - The Most Eco-Friendly Meat (infographic) - Do you want fries with those crickets? Designed by Food Service Warehouse

Here is another great cricket flour recipe one our customers sent us using our All-Purpose Baking Cricket Flour.  Alyssa had a favorite recipe from Blue Apron that she wanted to adapt using our cricket flour, and it turned out amazing!  If you want to see the original Blue Apron recipe, click here.  This Cricket Flour Parmesan Breaded Chicken is packed with protein and has a great flavor.  Get your own cricket flour at www.cricketflour.com/buy

New cricket flour recipe for a breaded Parmesan chicken breast. This recipe uses an all-purpose baking cricket flour to make a delicious chicken breast that.

From flour to packaging , get your flour on . #cricket #cricketflour #entomophagy

From flour to packaging , get your flour on .

Eating Insects: Environmental Impact

Are Crickets The New Chicken?

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Insect protein like cricket powder is a great way to add flavor and nutrients to almost anything, while drastically reducing your ecological footprint.

Cricket Flour (Acheta domestica) 100g Packed with protein!

Oddities: Cricket Flour (Acheta domestica) Packed with protein!

Picture of Cricket Breeding pt. 1

Cricket Breeding Pt. 1

Tired of buying crickets for your exotic pet, then don't, i will show you how to breed them. of 3 this one I will show you how to make a general population

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Cricket Flour Has 3x More Protein Than Steak