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You can't stop me.

Ayn Rand Quote With Motivational Wallpaper: The Question isn't who is going to let me

*This site and all my friends here, thank you for the beautiful conversations everyday. The inspiration and sharing of thoughts thank you, thank you, thank you

"My first love was some insignificant boy when it should have been myself." > a lesson I hope all girls hereforth see & not have to learn from personal experience.

You want to be tough, rebellious, a badass? Show your heart to everyone... Everyone.

Love this so much. Love C.S. Lewis

But for all that, I'd rather be vulnerable then a locked box. I want to live, and for me, love is such a important part of living that if I locked my heart away I would lock my life away with it.

She walked in moon dust and stars were sprinkled in her hair.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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She walked in moon dust and stars were sprinkled i… songs (lcantas magia> /mæʤɪk/

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"You are not designed for everyone to like you" .Getting over people pleasing. Dropping the need to be needed.

Her chaos

"There wasn't a predictable thing about her, and it was that chaos that made her interesting.