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Chunface ~ ㅋㅋ  #박유전 #미키유전 #동방신기 #JYJ

Chunface ~ ㅋㅋ #박유전 #미키유전 #동방신기 #JYJ

Handsome Overloaded ~ Yoochun ❤️ JYJ Hearts

[PRESS PICS] 150825 2015 JYJ Membership Week – JAPANESE Fanmeeting – Part 3

Park Yuchun at the 2015 JYJ Membership Week Japanese Fanmeeting

The Rebel Sweetheart.: Fangirl Chronicles | Super Junior + Park Yoochun + Big Bang.

Amidst the brouhaha that is the Big Bang Alive Tour in Manila , the fact still stands that I am first and foremost, a Super Junior fangirl.

park yoochun dimples | PHOTOS] a Yoochun Birthday Special; part 2 ~ DBSK Sleepless Nights ...

Park Yoochun You're my Seolleim~ Are you suddenly curious~ How do i look like~ How does, Creator Crazy fangirl Portia looks like~ Clike Her.

Rooftop Prince - loved it

Rooftop Prince


Park Yoochun (박유천) aka Micky Yoochun (믹키유천) of JYJ for High Cut -


Only when you are happy, I am too ❤️ Yoochun Housed @ JYJ Hearts

Park Yoochun (Micky)

JYJ's Yoochun recently completed a photo shoot with fashion magazine 'Singles' for their April edition, as well as an interview.

hahaha XD me too kid. Fangirling, the little boy in the corner tho...

OMG, this is too cute *____* I'd have the same reaction she had if I ever met Jaejoong. Yoochun playing with her little hands

Park Yoochun (Micky)

Park Yoo Chun transformed into a rugged man! For the April edition of the magazine “Singles,” Park Yoo Chun took part in a photoshoot with a noir concept.