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trust fund requirement // lorelai & christopher show rory & dean how to dance {gilmore girls}

Plan a Gilmore Girls-Inspired Bachelorette Weekend! – Style Me Pretty

A few little love notes to the things I loved most this week, like a Gilmore Girls inspired bachelorette weekend, new emojis, and apple oatmeal cookie cups.

He loved a good joke. | 22 Reasons Rory Should Have Stuck With Logan

22 Reasons Rory Should Have Stuck With Logan

"Dammit, Gilmore, give them back their balls." Oh gosh, I loved this episode, one of my favorite Logan moments!

People don't realize it, but it takes Years of training to eat the way we do…

A new serie of Tv shows inspired prints has arrived! As Gilmore Girls fan I created this new style of print, I love GG quotes! The quote can be Mais


Go change!'' 'Yes, uncle Luke.'' ''No, not ''uncle'' Luke. Just Luke. In fact, say nothing at all!''-Jess and Luke's little banters(and sometimes big banters) were funny.

21 Favorite “Gilmore Girls” Moments From Die-Hard Fans

21 Favorite "Gilmore Girls" Moments From Die-Hard Fans

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Wasn't really a fan of Logan. I guess he just never grew on me and I hated how he was the reason Rory was on the bathroom floor crying but I want a boy who is touchy and sweet<<< Agreed! Ok but I did like Logan at first when they weren't together.

27 Amazing Things We Might Get In A "Gilmore Girls" Movie

27 Amazing Things We Might Get In A "Gilmore Girls" Movie

Alexis Bledel cannot stand coffee, but Rory her character loves it. When shooting, her coffee cup was filled with Coke. Assuming by the end of the series she didnt hate cola.

16 reasons why Kirk from Gilmore Girls is the only man you need.

16 Reasons Why Kirk From "Gilmore Girls" Is The Only Man You Need In Your Life