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This is so me!!! Not so common here in San Diego.

I am a Pluviophile. I love, love the rain. *(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

Petrichor (n) a love of the scent of rain in nature

Petrichor - the scent of rain on dry earth. I have yet to find the word for the scent of rain on a skin.

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Sophrosyne - a healthy State of Mind, characterised by Self control, moderation and a deep AWARENESS of One's True SELF resulting in True Happiness tattoo?


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I Love that there's a word for the smell of earth after rain . Our sense of smell is one of the strongest memory triggers and the smell of earth after rain is one of the most nostalgic smells.

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↠aliesemeyer↞ ❂ Ƒollow ൬e Ƒor ൬౦re ❂ Selenophilia: (n.) Loving the moon and finding it soothingly captivating.