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#victoriabonya by COOLRISTA

Nadia Coolrista fashion illustration Nadia Coolrista is a fashion illustrator based in Russia. She is talented working with coloured pencils. She make realistic fashion sketches of the fashionista.

Fashion illustration // Natalia Sanabria

Natalia Sanabria's illustrations are heavily influenced by fashion and the contemporary tastes of modern youth.

Antonio Soares, fashion illustrations (2) Illustrations in order of appearance : alexandra moura fall winter 2013 / Dolce Gabbana luxury magazine(X2)/ Lanvin fall winter 2013 / Marques Almeida fall winter 2013 / Ricardo...

FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS (2) by ANTONIO SOARES / FALL WINTER 2013 LOOKS / - Arc Street Journal / inteligent & elegant culture from everywhere and for everybody.