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May I present you: The bakerstreet boys<<isnt it supposed to be Lestrade not Mycroft?

Because Sherlock and Moriarty being friends in real life is everything.

Awwww, Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott are BFFs

Moet British Independent Film Awards 2014 - After Party DECEMBER Andrew Scott (L) and Benedict Cumberbatch attend an after party celebrating The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2014 at Old Billingsgate Market on December 2014 in London, England

<3 WEDDINGLOCK:) And Papa Lestrade!!!

John, Sherlock, Archie, and Lestrade- It was originally captioned "Kids are not my division."<-- is Archie wearing John's hat? That is so adorable!

Benedict Cumberbatch & Louise Brealey at the Starfury Elementary convention, Birmingham, 9/2/2014.

Cumberbatchweb — Benedict Cumberbatch, Louise Brealey and Lars Mikkelsen at the closing ceremony of the Starfury Elementary event

Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) and James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) - This photo just confuses me to no end, because this does not look like Mark and Andrew interacting while in costume.  This is Mycroft and Moriarty shaking hands.

Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) and James Moriarty (Andrew Scott). Why is Moriarty wearing sherlocks coat?

Теперь люблю его еще больше!

Benedict Cumberbatch wearing the "This is what a feminist looks like" tshirt for Elle UK. The fact that he's a feminist makes me love him even more!