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These three are so cute together!!

Emilie, Lana and Jen (Belle,Regina,and Emma)

Awesome Lana and Jen #EWPeopleUpFrontsParty #NYC Monday 5-16-16 #ABCSnapChat

The evil queen Regina can definitely control my heart

Once upon a time - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - OUAT - Lana Parrilla - Regina Mills - Evil Queen - #SwanQueen

Once upon a time - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - OUAT - Lana Parrilla - Regina Mills - Evil Queen -

The cast is hilarious!! This all happened at Paleyfest 2013 :)

The wonderful cast of OUAT-- Paleyfest 2013

I don't know how comfortable I am with Grumpy hanging out with Dr. Frankenstein and the Evil Queen. ¦(

lee arenberg on

Whale/Frankenstein, Dreamy/Grumpy/Leroy, and The Evil Queen/Regina

Let the past.

Snow and Regina//parallels

Lana Parrilla as Regina from the TV Show "Once Upon A Time". ha ha! : ) Retaliation to "It's Not Easy Being Green"

Lana Parrilla as Regina Retaliation to "It's Not Easy Being Green"

OUAT - Josh and Jennifer on set

OUAT - Daddy Charming with his little princess Emma

Glamour shots of the beautiful #OUAT cast. (Henry, Graham, Hatter, Charming, Emma, Pinocchio, Snow, Rumple, Regina, Hook, Neal, & Belle.)

The amazing cast ladies and gentlemen!

Lana is amazing and fearless, if she fears something, you should fear it even more.

Awesome Regina (Lana) Once



Lana and The Once Upon A Time Kids c:

Lana Parrilla & the OUAT kids The Queen loves her children!

Once upon a time – Regina Mills – Evil Queen – Lana Parrilla – Evil Regal - OUAT

Awesome Regina in an awesome third or fourth season episode of Once

House of the Brave #harrypotter #ouat

Gryffindor- Emma, David, Ruby/Red, and Ashley/Ella

Apparently everyone else on the show can do what's necessary to save their loved ones (including kidnapping), but when Rumple does, it's an "EVIL plan" and a "ploy for power"?

Rumbelle is judging guys ;

My squishy

Like "I think she'll blow this whole place up if she gets ticked off" kind of scary.