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Awesome Regina and Robin

OUAT Regina and Robin. Literally she gave him her heart!

The pun that dwarfs all other puns. | 24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand

The pun that dwarfs all other puns.

'Once Upon A Time'

'Once Upon A Time'

Once Upon A Time - Bloopers & Outtakes - Seasons 1 (SD) and 2 (HD) [closed captioned]

disney princesses and their ouat counterparts

Disney princesses / Once Upon a Time princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Mulan)

'Once Upon A Time' star Lana Parrilla poses with Beast in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park #Disney

'Once Upon A Time's' Lana Parrilla Visits New Fantasyland At Magic Kingdom Park

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Why Outlaw Queen has nothing to worry about - Regina Mills AKA Evil Queen & Mary Margaret Blanchard AKA Snow White & David Nolan AKA Prince Charming & Robin Hood

Proof that Tangled and Captain Swan has an extremely similar romance!

The Emma & Hook and Rapunzel & Flynn parallels. This makes me happy because Tangled is my favorite Disney movie, and I ship Hook and Emma, and Flynn and Rapunzel the most.