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Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel forever! I ball every time when she says "I got off the plane"!


Phoebe: Ross, how about you? What would you give up,sex or food? Phoebe: Ok, how about.sex or dinosaurs?" Friends TV show quotes

I feel you....

Janice: What a small world! Chandler: Yet, I never run into Beyonce. Friends TV show quotes

He is way too smart :D

Science question

If homo sapiens were really "homo"? (TV Show Friends, homo sapiens, science, science jokes, laugh)

The chick is becoming a cock.

Monica and Rachel being woken up by Joey and Chandler's chick that was turning into a rooster.

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Rachel: Ross didn& get the annulment. We are still married! Ross: It wasn& my best decision, but I couldn& face another failed marriage. Chandler: At what point did you think this was a successful marriage? Friends TV show quotes