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Hosta 'Earth Angel' like light shade, zone ~ 3

Hosta Earth Angel A marvelous white-edged mutation of Hosta 'Blue Angel'. Each wide clump is composed of thick, wide, pointed blue leaves, each surrounded by a wide, creamy border (yellow in spring).

Maybe standing behind sturdy things is a good idea when doing this. - Imgur

Hosta Blue Angel has gigantic blue leaves and is perhaps one of the largest hosta on the market today. Massive foliage can span over 4 feet wide when fully mature. Foliage measures over 1 foot long.

'Stitch In Time' hosta. Thanks to Emily Eberhaardt for sharing.

Hosta Stitch In Time PP 18061

Probably my favorite hosta of all time. I bougt it for an arm and a leg a couple of years ago and it has not thrived. Others have complained about the same thing, so I know it's not me. Still, I am heart-broken that it is ailing: Stitch In Time

Hosta 'Popcorn' 1 form

Hosta 'Popcorn'

Hosta 'Popcorn', wide clump with thick, cupped blue leaves, creamy highlight in the center, late spring blooms of tall pale lavender flowers appeal to hummingbirds

pauls glory hosta, one of my favorite hostas

Hosta Glory Hallelujah

Hosta Glory Hallelujah a reverse sport of Pauls Glory. Matures to 56 in light shade.