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a helping hand..

Dry cleaner who will clean interview clothes for free if youre unemployed. People like that make the world a better place. Hopefully a lot of people get jobs and remember to pay it forward:)

Faith in humanity restored. This is adorable

All tiger bread is now called giraffe bread. I like tiger bread.

Yes!! Pay it forward...  Took our kids and an extra out for dinner tonight and a stranger picked up the check for us.   Was a wonderful surprise and great conversation starter with the littles about random acts of kindness and paying it forward.  Can't wait to do this for another family some day (:

Paying it forward and Random acts of kindness. 21 pictures that will restore your faith in Humanity. This is worth reading!

i hate unpacking!!!

true friends "Everyone you meet comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack." Note to self. ~ So true.

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. — Designspiration

First they will judge you Then they will laugh at you And then they will fight you Art by : Rachel Idzerda

Can we end world hunger?   Hunger is the world's number 1 health risk and kills more people than AIDS, malaria and TB combined. But it's a problem we can solve!

Can We End World Hunger? - Great infographic showing that despite the world's increasing population, there is still enough food to go around.

I do this all the time

Do this all the time when I was little because I just watch a scary movie. But now scary movies don't bother me. I think that they are funny as hell but still to this day. I Run up the stairs do no one will kill me

Is this a thing? It's so lovely I wish I could do this at a coffee shop! Can I do this?

The Pending Coffee…

The Pending Coffee- if I one day actually open my restaurant I think the "pending coffee" idea would be amazing! Although it'd be more like the pending meal because I don't plan on my restaurant being a coffee shop, but who knows it could change!

This looks like something Improv   Everywhere would do. The fact they included a fully decorated Christmas tree   just adds to the awesomeness.

This is probably the best kind of prank…

Faith in Humanity: This is the best "prank" I've ever seen (aka beautiful gesture)! Christmas for a homeless man.

Pokochaj cokolwiek, a twoje serce z pewnością odczuje ból, a może nawet zostanie złamane.(...) Otul je ostrożnie sowimi hobby i odrobiną luksusu, unikaj wszelkich komplikacji, zamknij je bezpiecznie w szkatule lub trumnie własnego egoizmu. Ale w tej szkatule - bezpieczne, w ciemności, w bezruchu, bez powietrza - ono się zmieni. Nie będzie złamane, nie, ono stanie się nie do złamania, nieprzystępne, zatwardziałe.. C.S.Lewis

Here is a beautiful short comic portraying the meaning of love. This will make you smile! To love is to be vulnerable.

The 30 Day Kindness Challenge Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Performing kind acts will make you less stressed. Start this kindness challenge to better your life now. -- Don't stop at 30 days. Random acts of kindness will brighten your day as well as others.

Restore Your Faith in Humanity - Mommy Has A Potty MouthMommy Has A Potty Mouth

Humanity is not lost yet! aww the dog one made me tear up :(>>>>idk, bagel Jesus is my favorite

32 Reasons Old People Need To Be Protected At All Costs

32 Reasons Old People Need To Be Protected At All Costs

Repin if your heart goes out to this little girl. When I first started reading this, I almost started crying its so sad

This is just so sweet. I cried thinking that that little girl won't have her daddy at her real wedding. I couldn't imagine a life without my dad. It makes me sad so I'm proud of that girl for trying to stay strong.

Faith restored - Imgur

Why can't there be a news channel devoted to positive stories like these? We need more stories about people showing random acts of love.