Just organized my yarn the other day, no it's not hoarding!

It’s not hoarding if it’s yarn!


Just frog it.

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Free, Confession Ecard: Hell hath no fury like a crocheter deprived of yarn.

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Crochet Bill Boards

Some of the craftiest people I know are hookers.

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Crochet Me Lovely

Christmas Crochet humor, too funny!

Хехех Мой муж приветствует моё увлечение вязанием, он разрешает мне покупать всю ту пряжу, которую я от него прячу

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Yarn deprived.  So true.

this is super true

I want more!

Funny crochet and knitting meme! This is so true (except the red heart, life's too short to knit with crappy yarn!

So funny, but I'm going to strike crochet, and insert live.

Crochet vacation - I need one of those.

Exactly! Works just this way for fabric too!

Plum, Midnight Forest Berry, Black Cherry, etc.

Oh Yeah!

Given enough yarn printables

Yes, I actually can enjoy an evening by myself

Yes, I actually can enjoy an evening by myself, because I’m an independent individual who isn’t ashamed of being a yarn artist.

The only 50 shades of grey I want to see is in my yarn stash.

50 Shades of Grey (grey yarn that is :-)


funny ecard about crochet. very true! ~This is why a usually only try a new pattern when my kids are in bed or busy playing video games or watching a movie. quotes-words-of-wisdom-n-stuff-i-like

Some people spend money on silly things like shoes and food.  I prefer to spend money on important things like yarn!

A little yarn humor :)