My Tunisian Crochet: Lots of great stitch patterns and tutorials.

My Tunisian Crochet: Tunisian Honeycomb Tss / Tps This stitch creates a dense, textured honeycomb pattern and is made by working with the Tss (Simple Stitch) and Tps (Purl Sitch) stitches alternatively throughout two rows.

Crossed Tunisian Crochet--I really like this because it looks more like knit than crochet and I think I could do crochet easier.

Tunisian Crochet - The Crossed Stitch tutorial. The second in basic Tunisian crochet stitch tutorials for beginners.

Tunisian Crochet-Bobble Stitch

Tunisian Crochet-Bobble Stitch

Stitch of the Week: Tunisian Crochet Honeycomb

With this handy and portable reference guide from Kim Guzman, you can choose from 61 pattern stitches to add texture and beauty to your Tunisian Crochet projects. A complete scarf pattern is included

How to make a button hole in tunisian crochet.

How to make a button hole in tunisian crochet. she is not speaking english but has great placement of her hands so you can see what to do.