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Brigantia is the Celtic goddess of the rivers and rural life.  Her dominion over the rivers allows her to use their waters for therapeutic purposes. Brigantia is of a relaxed, peaceful nature. She rejoices in the slower, quieter ways of the country folk, and never ventures into large towns or cities.

Cerridwen's Cauldron - Pagan Goddes by Emily Balivet

Goddess of Air 2, by Ronnie Biccard ♥ ♥ www.paintingyouwithwords.com

An Air Goddess - Ronnie Biccard ☆

Depois de estudarmos sobre a Respiração, Energia Vital, Mente e Inteligência (consulte os post anteriores) damos continuidade ao Estudo Inb...

"Lotuses in Hinduism symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, eternity and eternal youth." This is a very pretty flower, so it's symbolization fits it. I love the way it stands out! White lotus for mandala.

Merry Rune  Goddess Of The Norse Forest por HollySierraArt en Etsy

Merry Rune - Goddess Of The Norse Forest

Merry Rune Goddess Of The Norse Forest por HollySierraArt en Etsy


"Feathered Goddess" Painting by Emily Balivet. Been thinking of doing a goddes painting.

"Sage Goddess" by Emily Balivet

Sage Goddess Gypsy Pagan Psychedelic by Emily Balivet,


Rhiannon was one of the Celtic Mythology`s most beloved goddesses, with a name meaning "Queen". She was recognized as the goddess of the moon, inspiration, songbirds, and horses.

The Goddess Macha and the Unkindness of Ravens 16x20 Poster Print

La dea Macha e la scortesia di corvi 16x20 Poster stampa mitologia pagana celtica strega dea arte

The Goddess Macha and the Unkindness of Ravens by Emily Balivet, 2015


Theia Goddess of Sight and Heavenly Light ACEO Mini Altar Art Fine Art Print Pagan Mythology Psychedelic Art Nouveau Gypsy Goddess Art

sacred ceremony peru art sagrado arte coca leaves

sacred ceremony peru art sagrado arte coca leaves

Queen of Wands Psychedelic Gypsy Goddess Tarot Art por EmilyBalivet

The Queen of Wands - An original painting by Emily Balivet, Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. The Queen of Wands embodies the fiery,

O sexto príncipio - Um compêndio do Ocultismo.: Escolhendo divindades 3 ( letra C)

One of the Celtic Goddess associated with Lughnasad is Cerridwen:- Also known as the Corn Maiden, Mistress of Corn or Mother Corn. Although Cerridwen, pronounced “KER-rid-wen” encompasses all aspects.

Cernunnos: Deus , Mito, Lenda

The Stag Lord. The word "druid" means "oak-knower." Druids venerated trees and worshiped in Sacred Groves called Nemetons.

Astraea is a Greek Goddess of virtue whose name means "Star Maiden." She ascended to heaven to become the constellation Virgo

Queen of Swords Tarot Art Psychedelic Goddess Art by Emily Balivet,

Ostara was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn, from whom East (where the sun rises) and Easter got their names. She is remembered at the spring and vernal equinoxes when the days and nights are of equal length.

German goddess Ostara (or Eostre) is the goddess of Spring and the goddess for whom this sabbat is named. The goddess Ostara is also associated with the dawn.

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