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Why don't you understand this?!?!?!

You need to understand that. You make me so nervous whenever I try to talk deeply

This is so perfect. I liked him from the second I met him. Just something about the way he looked at me.

I don't know if this has ever officially happened with any guy I was crushing on, besides my childhood crush, and the guy that won't leave my mind now.

guy best friend: the type of guys that makes your parents think you’re dating

I have 3 best guy friends maybe more they awesome there better than have friends that a girls just saying there the bomb!

This is why I don't chase guys, because I'm just me and no one would find me attractive enough to wanna date me

When a guy is good with kids and animals, he becomes a million times more attractive #whisper #men

You bet! I just saw my guy friend handle my best friend's little cousin and it was the sweetest thing!