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There aren't enough people who adopt animals in shelters, so they get euthanized. Very, very sad. PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTION ♥

I love dogs soooo much, i wish i could bring every single one home from those awful kill shelters, to love them for ever and always

Upotettu kuva

Joy Bella on

Yes but have them neutered so they don't suffer, wander the streets, get injured, abused and then killed for there are too many! Urge your friends to have pets neutered too!

I freaking hate every single animal abusers

I freaking hate every single animal abusers What is wrong with these sickos?

Adopt a shelter dog! Save a life, This breaks my heart, we adopted a dog and I wanted to take them all home, I just know that God has a very special place in Heaven for all of them!!!

This just made me tear up. Adopt a Shelter Dog .It just breaks my heart how many beautiful animals are destroyed every day due to over crowding at shelters. Spay and neuter! My shelter dogs are the best thing in my life!

Love my furry kids

Share if you're the proud parent of a rescue ♥ Animal rescue, animal rights, stop animal abuse


Ohmigoodness that's so sad I HATE animal abuse. It's soo cruel! I cry every time I think about it! If someone ever did that to my dog I would. Seriously probably break their face! I can't stand people who just leave their pet