Dahlia 'Royal Bumble'

Dahlia 'Royal Bumble' from Van Meuwen - experts in the garden since 1855

Flores de rosado claro | Light pink flowers

Dahlia 'Pearl of Heemstede' in the gardens at Rose cottages and gardens

Dahlia 'Fashion Monger'

Dahlia 'Fashion Monger' Would make a pretty in your garden, Millie.

Dahlia 'Orange Turmoil'

~~Dahlia 'Orange Turmoil' Dahlia with beautiful orange two-tone double flowers


Dahlia 'Fool’s Gold' and 'Sunny' Oh the most beautiful flower on the planet I love Dahlia's so so much.

Giggles Dahlia at Swan Island Dahlias near Canby, Oregon

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Dahlia,  as posted on facebook by Secret Language of flower

NEW: Fashion Monger Dahlia A charming collarette type dahlia with unusual rose-pink petals and an ivory- white collar. Blooms non-stop from July until frost.

Show 'N' Tell Dahlia - 10-12"

2 Show & Tell Gorgeous Dahlia Tubers Blooms Red Yellow Orange up to 18 blooms

Dahlia 'Ace Summer Emotions', 'Ace Summer Emotions' Dahlia, Semi Cactus Dahlias, Dinner Plate Dahlias, Pink Dahlia flowers , Purple dahlia flowers, dahlia tubers, summer bulbs,

Favorite of many garden enthusiasts, Dahlia 'Ace Summer Emotions' features spectacular and huge lilac-pink blossoms delicately blending to white towards their heart. The flowers are as large as 8 in.