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Mondays are the scariest day of the week...and tuesdays, and wednesdays, and....

Mondays are the scariest day of the week...

Mondays are the scariest day of the week.and tuesdays, and wednesdays, and. Hoffen wir trotzdem auf morgen :o)

now where is that gift receipt?

Mondays often seem mundane. We've had the week-end to ignore our routine tasks and perhaps engage in some fun activities. But now it's Monday. Maybe mundane days, though, are just what we need

Sometimes Mondays are hard to face

Sometimes Mondays are Hard to Face

I really do..

A long weekend IS just like having an extra day between Saturday & Sunday! Here's to Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Funday ;


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10 Gründe, warum wir Montage hassen


Sometimes you have to tell yourself "I am a shark" and attack the day! // I am the shark kitty!


Too Funny ! LOL Shortest Horror Story: Monday (Jesus that was my day today lol)


too bad bitching doesn't burn calories.I'd be one skinny bitch!