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Acer palmatum Style: Group Age: c. 26 years old in 2000 (37 years old in 2011) Developed by: Stanley Chinn

A yose (group-style) bonsai specimen of Acer palmatum , Japanese Maple, developed by Stanley Chinn currently on display at the Brooklyn Bot.

Hermoso bonsai.

Seigen maple bonsai, this is the glorious spring colour which will fade to green towards summer and then in autumn will turn beautiful hues of salmon pink and orange.

It might take another lifetime to be able to master Bonsai.

Keshiki bonsai made by Sinajina. The moss expresses the world? They are the essential styles of Bonsai.

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Deshojo Bonsai by Michael

Deshojo Bonsai by Michael

Maple Bonsai

20 Psc Blue Maple Tree Seeds Bonsai Tree Seeds Rare Yellow Red Japanese Maple Seed Balcony Plants For Home Garden Flower

Acer palmatum, Japanese maple  85 cm high  Pot by Derek Aspinall

Bonsai art

Pot by Derek Aspinall. Just such a gorgeous maple. I love this specimen because it's so easy to think of it as a perfect tree in nature that someone simply transposed on top of a bonsai pot.


Product Type: BonsaiSize: Small,MediumBrand Name: kacasesiClimate: TemperateStyle: PerennialApplicable Constellation: VirgoFull-bloom Period: SummerFlowerpot: E

How to Create a Bonsai Tree From a Nursery Juniper, Part One

How to create a bonsai tree from a nursery juniper, part one. We start with a five gallon nursery juniper, clean out undergrowth, and prune it down to three .

Common Juniper - Juniperus communis (20 Bonsai Seeds)

Theres a lot that goes into the art and hobby of bonsai. Let& break down everything you need to get started in the world of bonsai, this how to guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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A nice Japanese maple bonsai tree, Acer palmatum, unusual, elegant, 55 cm high.


omgplants: Ficus carica I’ve never seen a common fig bonsai! That’s a great idea.