Dorothy "Dot" Robinson, "the First Lady of Motorcycling,” a co-founder of "Motor Maids" in 1940.

Dorothy "Dot" Robinson co-founded Motor Maids, the nation's first organized, AMA chartered women's motorcycle club and paved the way for women in competitive motorcycle riding and racing.

Vintage Motorcycle Photograph [HelmetCity Pinterest Contest - One with Nature and the Road] #Helmetcity_Contest

Vintage Motorcycle Photograph/ acrobat police officers riding an amazing bike!

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Linda Dugeau Inducted to the Motorcycle Museum's Hall of Fame 2004 Pioneer and Founder of the Motor Maids of America, the oldest motorcycling organization for women in North America. Motorcycle rider and enthusiast throughout her life.

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When i was little my dad would take us kids for motorcycle rides here and there. we had a helmet on mind you. :) IT was fun :) We were too broke to have two vehicles at a time in life so he rode an old motorcycle to both of his jobs.

Steve McQueen- known better for his movies but his kindness is truly touching

Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. They dressed up a Triumph to look like a German bike. One of the coolest motorcycle chase scenes put to film. -- Famous Men and Their Motorcycles : The Art of Manliness

Indian Four

Indian aficionados, especially those of the concours persuasion, may want to click away from this page quick as you can—or at the very least, up your heart meds. ***This is one of my favorite motorcycles ever***


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Vivian Bales in 1929. Ms. Bales rode all across the country and became known as “The Enthusiast Girl.” – via Harley Davidson Museum

Ladies and motorcycling. May is Women Riders Month! Here's a photo of Vivian Bales in 1929 to get you started. Bales rode all across the country and became known as "The Enthusiast Girl.