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Brock is the Best, literally my favourite part of the whole show!

I like how ash and misty are making kind of creative names and Brock is just like "I'm Caesar Salad" XD

Thanks, Brock. You know so much about Pokemon moves. I don't know what we'd do without you!

Brock Sure is Smart

*cuss warning* Jesse's and James' ages

O-O but in a episode they didn't allowed team rocket to a competiton because they are ADULTS. Pokemon at its best.


Pokemon Tentacruel Pikachu do something Wtf I'm a fucking mouse and that is some fucked up Godzilla shit happening over there!

Pikachu and Ash

i remember watching this episode when i was like 6 and pikachu shocked the shit out of ash.

His answer should be "let's get married

James trolling Jessie James is probably my favorite character in Pokemon. He and Brock really tie.<<< I love team rocket 😂😂