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Also known as a sea cow, this is one of the most beloved animals on the original list of endangered species. Manatee populations in Georgia and Florida were threatened primarily by collisions with boats and.

In Thailand there is a place that you can swim with elephants! Bucket list! GOING THERE FOR SURE!! A MUST!

The new addition to my Bucket List…

The new addition to my Bucket List…I have ridden an elephant in Thailand. But I have not swam with an elephant in Thailand.

It resides in Herriman, Utah  WHAAAA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The Real-Life "Up" Movie House: Interior Photos

Bucket List : Visit the house in Up. It resides in Herriman, Utah, in case you're wondering. Ps in up it dosnt have a garage


Oh to watch a volcano erupt, from safe distance of course!


"Before I die I want to. go on a vacation with my best friend" Either the Bahamas or Hawaii😊

Done! (Tater-tots can hurt if they are thrown hard enough!)

I used to have those french fries at lunch in elementary school. My friends and I always dreamed of having a food fight with them :)

Bucket list: explore a shipwreck...I would love to do this, but seeing how I'm deathly scared of going into the ocean I'm not sure how this would work.

Explore a Shipwreck

Bucket list: explore a shipwreck. I have explored a shipwreck once but it was small and I would love to explore an extremely old ship wreck.

Restaurant japonais s'inspirant de l'univers d'Alice au Pays des Merveilles #restaurant #japonais

Completed : not yet Alice of Magic World is an ‘Alice In Wonderland’-themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, full of things straight out of the Lewis Carroll classic and the Disney animated version of the novel. While dining,.