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Keeping an Eye on Her Music - Unknown

this photo reminds me of how I see music through my eyes. I like how the piano is in the eye and how the music notes are incorporated on her skin.

I would not even try to attempt this, but very pretty

Eye Eye Captain!

Treble clef eye liner - oh my goodness. Why do I never think of this stuff?

Love the lenses

Our eyes have been considered as the windows to the soul.While clicking a picture,we often focus on a subject's eyes.We have such images of eyes which will make you think of fantasy world filled with fairies.


couleur multicolore

Writing Music - don't write music, but the way it flows from a pencil & becomes an awesome part of your life is excellent :-)

No music no life.

I love music and it is a massive part of my life. I can't play an instrument but I love listening to music.

music tattoo! Love it!

This would make a nice armband tattoo but why does your pulse have two flats

I've played flute since 5th grade and since then, it has become a large part of my life. I really want this. It's beautiful.

Beautiful hand made flute by John Lunn. my inner flute band geek wants this so baddddd