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Whiskers by Johannes Wapelhorst on 500px

beautiful-wildlife: Whiskers by Johannes Wapelhorst Male Asian Golden Cat (Pardofelis temminckii)

The Andean Cat. A small wild cat that lives in the Andre mountians of Chile,Argentina,Peru and Bolivia.

The beautiful Andean mountain cat (Leopardus jacobita) is a small wildcat found in the Andes mountains. Fewer than 2500 are thought to exist.

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Baby Clouded Leopard by Jaguarov has to be my favorite big cat just beautiful

African Golden Cat -- (cat species series #1) I want one!  He probably wouldn't run from my dogs!

African Golden Cat

The Asian golden cat is a medium-sized wild cat, typically weighing about 25 –…

Look at me!

~~Naturally Caged ~ Caracal (desert lynx) by Bob Jones~~the eyes!

Wildlife artist Charles Frace has captured the majesty of the AFRICAN LEOPARD in this painting. Leopards are primarily nocturnal, resting in trees during the day. In fact, leopards are so comfortable

Charles Frace African Leopard

My absolute favorite artist - Fracé Wildlife Art - African Leopard I remember this print hanging over the couch in the living room when I was a little girl.