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Blue with birds - glass pendant Smoon Birdie LED Lights Blue,Interior Inspiration,style: home,

Blus is a colour of peace and calm.  Use it for a little respite during the day.  www.silverdragoncoaching.co.uk

Blue macaw feathers photographed in Singapore.



Interior design ideas: beautiful light feature, tree + LED lights, Something we can imitate but not own - Swarovski crystal & vine light fixture from Napa

Pendentes Oak

Oak Pendant Lamp Oak is a solid FSC timber pendant light. Each light shade is hand crafted and defined by the grain of the oak selected. The body of the light is accentuated by the intersecting hole,.

Blue Collection: the sites you see when traveling

Blue shutters + blue and white tile + blue planter in Marrakech, Morocco.

james nares

rivers of blue. This looks similar to Sharon Cummings' Pure Water series (re: stroke, color) Abstract painting idea


Greek blue gate with wandering clouds by Silvia Ganora Shot in the island of Karpathos, Greece.

d w e l l i n g s

Light installation by artist Daniele Buetti. Would be a great alternative to a corner lamp or even a chandelier.

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Quelque chose de bleu

Bluey dark to light

I love this minimalist display idea, it incorporates order, the constellations, and geometry.

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