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Zen  ♡♡♡

Made roses crowns for Zen and Yoosung~ ♡ I actually love Yoosung, but they’re both my favorite ones. Chose red roses for Zen because he’s passionate and a romantic.

Zen from the otome game "Mystic Messenger"

But man~ (T^T) I feel so bad cause I had to be soooo bitchy to the other characters (TT◇TT) Sorry Jumin, sorry Jaehee, sorry Seven. Please understand that in real life, I really am not bitchy like that wuuu~ (>~<)

Rosu♡Zen@CosmaniaF26 on Twitter: "Lovely Zen~ #mysticmessenger…

🇷 🇴 🇸 🇺 🎅🏻 on

Happy early halloween from MC and Zen! Mc expected a kiss.but she got something else u //// u I'm very excited for Zen halloween aaaaaaaaa! Little Red MC x Wolf Zen

I just had that bad felling something was going on (╥﹏╥) I lovee you! My LOLOL Hero!

Zen as a kid

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Me: Nice job Jumin!!*Highfives Jumin**Pats Zen on the head* I'm sorry Zen.I like cats so... Yeah... Your still adorable though!!!!

Me: Nice job Jumin!*Highfives Jumin**Pats Zen on the head* I'm sorry Zen.I like cats so. Your still adorable though!

When I found out that was the eye he hurt I cried ;-;

What's so sad is that Yoosung covered up his injury by doing a cute wink ; Y U DO DIS TO MEH