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Destined to be Forever Alone…(43 Photos)

How to do nothing with nobody all alone by yourself - weird books

Tread carefully.

Maybe this doesn't belong on my humor Board, but you know what they say.you laugh because it's true. You should NEVER screw with another woman's husband or family. Noone likes a Fat UGLY DESPERATE Hog FREAK screwing with there life.

How to run naked and directionless through the dark endless woods, DIY

💫 — nevver: What we’re reading, Johan Deckmann

it's always the quiet ones

Again just for the title.how intriguing:) book title "The Perversions of Quiet Girls"

a journal for these things.

♀ Expired political religious churches of fraudulent govment ownership families = fallen America = Powerless Wall Street = Biblical Sodom & Gomorra… BEE… things that make Me Sad [Mad Happy = MH] ♀