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How to disappear vanish made easy book

I believe in annoyed at first sight

I have been experiencing the emotion of annoyance each time I encounter a new individual, or a returning user.

Yet I believe the moon understands what it means to be #human. Uncertain. Alone. Created by imperfections.

the moon, Selena


bade to mahonan


Caputcor: Asoftwrongness: 157 Isnt At All Better


"Art is our only salvation from the horror of existence." Graffiti words of wisdom. Spray paint on cement.

Convincing myself a whole load of shit whilst trying to convince myself I'm just paranoid

I think the most terrifying thing is not watching yourself drift apart from…

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- ̗̀ smell the roses ̖́-


My life is a joke & I'm not even laughing anymore

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what if proko died multiple times not just one.

pin // @arwneeryn

Now that is good lyrics pink floyd

Does anyone else feel like super proud of themselves when they rap the beginning of Ghost like Hals? YASSS

halsey lyric quote - I miss him.


⇢✧☯✧ you're a heart attack in black hair dye ✧☯✧⇠

Like Alice in wonderland, you know...

Alice in Wonderland quotes


With my fucking army and amo. TRY ME.

Sometimes I wonder why I was Lead to say it this young... but I don't regret it :) I told her 4 a reason! :) hopefully It will always stay like that!

also,, men are trash. i'm a mess rn™.