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Dan And Phil

Phil says he likes Dan's shirt; Dan doesn't take off the shirt for like a freaking week. Phil gives Dan cat stickers to put on Dan's face; Dan makes the picture of himself with Phil's stickers his profile picture... And Phan isn't real. Psh. Lies.

Danisnotonfire<<<< oh yea! Look at those sexy stickers xD and that galaxy shirt tho!

Dan Howell :o i havent seen this before! where did it come from.....

good shit go౦ԁ sHit thats ✔ some goodshit rightthere right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self i say so thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ Good shit