Virgo-suffer in silence

ZODIAC VIRGO FACTS - Virgos are one of the main signs to suffer in silence. They internalize a lot of hurt feelings and stress. Technically I'm a Leo-Virgo Cusp Traits of both zodiac signs

Scratching my chin. I must say, it's quite accurate.

I'm born on the cusp, September so I'm a libra/Virgo. Some Virgo traits apply to me but I'm definately a Libra first.

Virgo - Did you know: Most virgo are better at expressing themselves through writing. Verbal expression is usually harder for them.

i love writing down my feelings and writing poems. it so much easier writing about my feelings than expressing it.

Virgo's are not the neatest people, contrary to belief. They just know where they leave their stuff and expect it to be there when they need it

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