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Time is love!!! We will have so much of it and forget all the bad soon:)

And smiles turn into laughs, laughs turn into kisses - and before you know it, the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. And you'll find yourself forgetting what it was like before they were in your life.

Ah ha....  Is this what it is?   Is this why when the dad goes out of town no. One offers the mom a hand,  but when the mom goes out of town people literally throw themselves at the dad to offer assistance and help with the kids?

"I have to be the strong one! "There's a problem with being the strong one." He says, "No one offers you a hand. They think you don't need it." So very true about my life!

Coffee -create- sleep

Happy {Back to Basics} Weekend

I just want to drink coffee, and create stuff, and sleep. - sounds like the perfect life!

Silence speaks more words than we actually think

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every bad morning, every blurred, every miserable night. thoughts of you=heartbreak, every fucking night.

You know just like I know, it's just a matter of time, God's timing to be exact#SS

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French By Design: Insomnia


You know those nights when you can't fall asleep? Well, maybe its because you are awake, . in someone else's dream

Too divine!

Love that tommy will stay up with me if i cant sleep you cant sleep? lets cant sleep together. words, quote, story of my life

Absolutely true, heart wrenching, tragic n beautiful - true love.