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Purple eyeshadow love

Purple make up for brown eyes. I wouldn't go quite as 'bold' with the under eye makeup and maybe not so many layers, but purple, done like this, on brown eyes is stunning.

Wedding makeup Nice and suttle

eyeshadow for brown eyes.this is EXACTLY how I do my eyes. *amber is much more yellow in tint. This is the brown eye of a warm undertone: golden-brown. The brown eye of a cool undertone is a grayish-brown.

What is the best eyeshadow color for green eyes? - Quora

For Green and Hazel Eyes - Silvers & Purples eye make up. Too bad I'm too lazy to do something like this for anything other than a special occasion. by ginaddougherty

blue/purple makeup

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Make up style: peacock eye shadow.Habanera duo eye shadow by Nars would be a great color to achieve this look.

Linda make rosa e lilás...

pink is a hard color to work with, in my opinion. and this exemplifies a pretty look using pink! the purple is a nice accent!

ThanksSmokey pink awesome pin

pink smokey eyes..insanely gorgeous

Sunset Makeup

12 Sweet Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day

So I thought we should get our eyes packed full of sunset colors that remind us of this gorgeous weather and the beautiful sky. Cosmetics has so many sweet shades of eyeshadow and it was so hard to choose!

Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes: List of Brown Eye Shadow Tips

The Best Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Purple eye shadow and brown eyes! This definitely brings out my eyes! My eyes are a Darkish Honey color, when I use a purplish looking eye shadow it makes my eyes look like a caramel color!

Hi dear everyone, in today's post I would like to share my favourite eye makeup looks and techniques which I use religiously. Since the beginning that I took an interest in eye makeup, I have been ...

Inspiration: eye makeup (favourite techniques) for hooded eyes

Voici 10 idées de maquillage pour sublimer vos yeux marrons ! Lequel choisiriez-vous pour votre mariage ? Partagez toutes vos idées de maquillage ! :D 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Retrouvez aussi 10 maquillages pour: Les yeux bleus:

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