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If you want to spend the night in a haunted house you can now spend the night at the Alfred Rosenheim Mansion in LA. This is the American Horror Story Murder House from the first season. The house also appears in …

Chillingham Castle , Northumberland, in England - Haunted house - Pixdaus

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I would probably be too scared to live here but none the less it's still interesting looking.

The Walter B. Palmer House, (Ottawa, Illinois) completed around An example of design from the periodical "American Homes". George F. Needs some fixing up, but look at the splendid details.

Vampir Schloss

Miranda Castle or Chateau Miranda) is an abandoned castle in Belgium. It was built in 1866 and was abandoned in Miranda Castle or Chateau Miranda) is an abandoned castle in Belgium.

Haunted house

Schule d. (HDR) 01 Abandoned and forgotten. Why in the hell are there homeless people living in the streets!


abandoned farmhouse, USA/ I love old homes. They have so much character. This one needs a lot of work but I can still see it's beauty.

  All the pride is gone now.

Abandoned by Big Grey Mare Abandoned This wonderful old Victorian house sits abandoned on the outskirts of Kosse, Texas. I wish I knew it's story, but all I can tell you is that it looks very unhappy in it's present state.

tired old house and they are dying because people can't afford to maintain them, or pay the taxes on them. And there is not enough money from historic preservation groups to help those of us who would love to restore them.

34 Forgotten Homes Sitting Peacefully Alone In The World

abandoned mansion along old route 15 in the Southern Tier in New York between Corning, NY and Mansfield, PA

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Stepping Inside These Abandoned Places In Georgia Is Almost Haunting

Georgia Girl Drive-In, Woodbine, GA. Not on the same artistic and dramatic level as the abandoned cathedrals, but still interesting.