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All I could think of is Dan Howell not having to worry about falling backwards during FNAF

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If These Tumblr Posts Make You Laugh, You Have A Weird Sense Of Humour

21 Tumblr Posts You'll Only Find Funny If You Have A Weird Sense Of Humour

Adam Ruins Millennials.

Another proof that older people have always bitched and will always keep bitching about the younger generations

love this!! maybe I should get a tumblr account because of things like this!

Nothing, just chilling

Can we just accolade that I think the second guy is the guy who found his old red jacket and it still fit. Do know which post I'm talking about?

Kim possible

Geek Meme, Disney: The real life Kim Possible! Call me beep me if you want to reach me.

Now this seems to be the reason why I'm allergic to that much. Thank you, Immune system-kun