OMG it's so cute

So darn cute! Blue merle chihuahua puppy dog, not as cute as my blue merle chihuahua.

Ahh Blue Merle Chihuahua! I Think I Am In Love | Cutest Paw

Wise Harris Rebel needs a brother Ahh Blue Merle Chihuahua! I think I am in love :)

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Chihuahuas are excellent pets, but a dog owner must bear in mind that the Chihuahua lifespan is shorter compared to human lifespan. That said it is important that the owner to make sure that his/her Chihuahua has a long and happy life.


Chihuahua is a very amazing dog. So now that you are interested in adopting or buying Chihuahua, check first the list of Chihuahua colors and markings