Tree Climbing Lioness by Giovanni Mari on 500px

Tree Climbing Lioness, South Luangwa NP - Zambia, by Giovanni Mari


"Last Light Lions" ~ Photography by Wild Dogger

Love - Photo by @missymandel_photography #wildlifeplanet

A Lion Cub Giving its Mama Some Tender Love. (Photo by Missy Mandel).

Афрички лавица Кики омогућава један од њених четири 13-недеље-старих младунцима почива на њеним предњим шапама на Зоо Атланта у Атланти, Џорџија. Тхе Лион младунци, који ж ...

Animal photos of the week: 21 February 2014

African lioness Kiki lets one of her four cubs rest on her front paws at Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. The lion cubs, which were born on 19 November have been off exhibit due to the cold weather. The litter of cubs is the second for Kiki

Mountain Lion and Cubs by J. L. Klein & M. L. Hubert

mountain lioness and her cubs

Lioness Taking Her Three Babies For a Walk. They are so Adorable!

A coming of age story


Lioness With Her Babies

Mother Love

tiger and cub

It's amazing how such sharp teeth and powerful jaws can be so Lourens Lee Wildlife Photography

The Last One by Lourens Lee Wildlife Photography--a mother's love!

aww - Momma lion & cub

Lioness and cub Mother love

Beautiful Lioness

Beautiful Lioness has hints of grey fur along with the light brown fur.

love is the word,wonderful and infinite!

mama lioness and cub

beauté .

Lukas Holas is a photographer and graphic designer from Frydlant, Czech Republic. In a series on Behance entitled, Portraits of Animals, Holas expresses his love of animals with a collection of breathtaking black and white portraits.

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I don't know what the puppy/bear is doing, but it is adorable so it does not matter what the puppy/bear is doing.

il canto della sirena

Lioness - photo by ?

Inbäddad bildlänk

Animal Life on

Regal lion cub, 3 months - Mosioa-Tunya National Park in Zambia - Marleen Lammers