Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Lady Lilith

Detail of Lady Lilith, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, originally painted in 1868 with Fanny Cornforth sitting as model. Later repainted with the face of Alexa Wilding

John William Waterhouse, Study of a girl’s head, Red chalk on paper, Pre-Raphaelite.

Desenho de John William Waterhouse, "Study of a girl’s head", Red chalk on paper, Pre-Raphaelite.

John Singer Sargent | Head Of A Woman (Beatrice Stuart) | Charcoal

Beatrice Stuart, charcoal drawing by John Singer Sargent (Angel Study for his 'Triumph of Religion', Boston Public Library)

The Soul of the Rose, 1908 By: John William Waterhouse of The Modern Pre-Raphaelites. He was a contemporary of the Impressionistic artists. Beautiful!

Pre Raphaelite Art: was a movement attached to the Aesthetic and romantic literature. The Soul Of The Rose - John William Waterhouse, 1908

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Clematis, 1899 Sir Hubert von Herkomer, R. in collaboration with Norman Hirst Mixed method engraving by Herkomer and Hirst