Hay og COS med møbelsamarbeid | Bo-bedre.no


Upside-Down tables by TAF for Hay

Upside-Down wooden ash tables with exposed underframes by Swedish designers TAF for Danish design brand Hay.


Kate Jackling’s Shades, Shadows, and Reflections

Babinet's Playground: Lightning & Kinglyface and Kate Jackling explore a fascination with light

COS x HAY | Rubber elastic bands black & white

COS x HAY | Rubber elastic bands black & white


The Mini Bar by HOW ARE YOU. Beautiful bright yellow legs with wooden cabinet.

I Ricchi Poveri - Toto - Produits - Ingo Maurer GmbH

General lighting-Table lamps in aluminium-Table lights-I Ricchi Poveri – Toto-Ingo Maurer - Really cute and quirky tablelight. Would fit a lot of interiors.

Kimmo Metsäranta

photo by Kimmo Metsäranta.