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Robert Capa - Le Vercors, 24 mars 1944

france, october 1944 photo by robert capa/magnum photos/robert capa © ICP, from best ICP collection

Ernest Hemingway et son fils Gregory, Sun Valley, Idaho, 1941

Photographed by Robert Capa; novelist Ernest Hemingway and his son Gregory relax during a hunting trip in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA, in

Robert Capa funeral. After being sworn in as a United States citizen in 1946, Capa in 1947 joined with the photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and David (“Chim”) Seymour to found Magnum Photos, the first cooperative agency of international freelance photographers. Although he covered the fighting in Palestine in 1948, most of Capa’s time was spent guiding newer members of Magnum and selling their work. He served as the director of the Magnum office in Paris from 1950 to 1953. In 1954 Capa…

In 1954 Capa volunteered to photograph the French Indochina War for Life and was killed by a land mine while on assignment. His untimely death helped establish his posthumous reputation as a quintessentially fearless photojournalist.

© Robert Capa / Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos -Robert Capa © International Center of Photography USSR. Woman reaping wheat on Shevchenko collective farm.

Anti-fascist militia women defending a street barricade, Barcelona, 1936 by Robert Capa.

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Robert Capa - Anti-fascist militia women defending a street barricade, Barcelona 1936

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On the road from Tarragona to Barcelona, after a criminal fascist attack on the defenseless civilian population.

Robert Capa © International Center of Photography Belgium. Brussels. May, 1939. Watching the parade during Queen Wilhemina’s (Netherlands) v...

tytusjaneta: “ Robert Capa © International Center of Photography Belgium. May, Watching the parade during Queen Wilhemina’s (Netherlands) visit.

Robert Capa in Naples, 1943, with Contax II. On the right, George Rodger with a Leica IIIb.

Robert Capa & George Rodger, great war photographers, Naples, Capa would later take the famous pictures of the Omaha Beach landings on D-Day.

Sylvain Granjon chronique d'une enfance Douce Amère

Robert Capa c'est aussi la couleur

Robert Capa—International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos: Jetty, Biarritz, France, Aug.

© Robert Capa

Coast Guard transport ship Samuel Chase, June U. soldiers plan the final details of the D-Day landings using a model of the section of the Normandy coast that had been codenamed Omaha Beach.

Robert Capa.

Robert Capa, Motorcyclists and woman walking on the road from Nam Dinh to Thai Binh, Vietnam, May 1954

Robert Capa © International Center of Photography GREAT BRITAIN. London. May, 1944. Ernest Hemingway in a hospital bed.

"Ernest Hemingway recovering from a car accident." Photo: Robert Capa - England - London, 1944 Robert Capa was a Hungarian war photographer, photojournalist and also the companion and professional partner of photographer Gerda Taró.

Robert Capa  - Belgium. Near Bastogne. December 23rd-26th, 1944. US soldier in his foxhole during the Battle of the Bulge.

An American soldier in his foxhole south of Bastogne - 23 December 1944 Photo by Robert Capa

El libro profundiza en la vida de la reportera gráfica de guerra Gerda Taro, poniendo de manifiesto el trabajo que llevó a cabo. El autor combina la biografía de la autora con una entrevista ficticia, donde relata cómo hubiera sido la vida de Gerda Taro. François Maspero es un conocido periodista, autor y librero francés antifranquista; gran editor de textos revolucionarios. El libro se completa con 21 fotografías firmadas por Gerda Taro, Robert Capa y Fred Stein.

Robert Capa © International Center of Photography SPAIN. Gerda TARO with stone inscribed "PC".