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Fresh dumparoooo

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Dynamic struggles

Only pinning it for the tuba part. Because it was hilarious and I play tuba

You can't understand the horror that is a block pit until you encounter one yourself

Am I the only one that was fine in the block pit? Or am I a natural block pit person thing?<----These things hate me. <----- BLOCK PITS HATE ME and im glad i found out im supposed to roll not try and walk hehe oops.

If the immune system was a manga person...It would be probably be exactly like this.

Now this seems to be the reason why I'm allergic to that much. Thank you, Immune system-kun

I laughed so hard at the last pic

You don't have time? MAKE TIME!

Also enjoy this comic about an epic plan to pissoff your family. It's a tiny arm miracle.

Awesome Bday Gift!

Awesome Bday Gift!

Funny pictures about Most awesome gift ever. Oh, and cool pics about Most awesome gift ever. Also, Most awesome gift ever.


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Seriously https://i.redd.it/pgr4wpn63uc01.jpg

Seriously https://i.redd.it/pgr4wpn63uc01.jpg


Momma's got some explaining to do. Victorious is almost as sneaky as Pixar about the dirty jokes.

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"Wait until the vegans find this." Boy, you guys must be the Fannibals' favourites!

This took me forever to get, thanks a lot dyslexia

To supernatural.If your in the Fandom your soul has been gone for a while. Maybe when Dean sold his but maybe sooner idk << I've been missing my soul for years. It's not only because of SPN