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Hi, tiny snowman - Cute Shiba Inu looking funny when checking out a small snow man.

Farker lilyspad showed us what happens when a dog gets flustered in this week's Caturday thread on Fark

omg this husky is like the random trust fall guy! (if you want to see the random trust fall guy the video is linked in my Great Video's board) Funny Animals Pics)

boo hooman - such bad thing - so much raindrops - untie plz - very bored - y u do dis - wants freedom - WOW.

Shiba Inu catching rain drops in the rain! Many rains. Much wet.

Cool and comfortable! Wow, my boy wouldn't do this if it was 110 outside. Water is evil in his mind.

this was gonna be a nice variety of doggos but look at these shibes


Old Grande on

Good morning!!✨おは〜*\(^o^)/*雨止んだからお散歩行ってくるね〜 #九州は雨がいっぱい降ったみたいだね #大丈夫だったの?

Good morning!!✨おは〜*\(^o^)/*雨止んだからお散歩行ってくるね〜 #九州は雨がいっぱい降ったみたいだね #大丈夫だったの?


This has got to be the cutest game of Jenga I have ever seen. More funny cats and dogs after the jump! via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via Last Week’s LOL Animal Pics Video: Dog Really Hates Toilet Flush


My future Shiba Inu puppy as soon as I am financially able to get one.I cant wait to spend time with this bundle of cuteness! I love these pups!