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Meet Coco, an Elle Girl blogger and VlliVlli Harajuku staffer with cure fuchsia hair. Coco’s wearing a t-shirt from Barrack Room with a plaid American Apparel skirt, and a denim clutch from Labrat. Her furry platform sandals are from Bubbles Harajuku, her socks are Labrat, and her ring is Justin Davis. She is also wearing Vargas lipstick earrings, lock and cross necklaces, studded bracelets, and a purple watch. (Tokyo Fashion, 2014)

Harajuku girl with fuchsia hair wearing a t-shirt and a plaid skirt, an oversized denim clutch, sports socks and furry platform sandals.

Aqua American Apparel  sweater, white shorts, blue stockings with diagonal purple stripes, Tokyo Bopper suede platform shoes. ♡

tokyo-fashion: “An Cafe fan wearing American Apparel sweater & Tokyo Bopper platforms in Harajuku.

Harajuku Girl in Twin Tails w/ Monomania Sweatshirt Dress & Ank Rouge Bag

the GazettE fan Roi on the street in Harajuku with blue-tipped twin tails, a Monomania sweatshirt dress, platforms, and an Ank Rouge “Day Dream” ruffle bag.

Cute Short Hair, Uniqlo Tee, Plaid Skirt, Vivienne Westwood & Tokyo Bopper

Cute Short Hair, Uniqlo Tee, Plaid Skirt, Vivienne Westwood & Tokyo Bopper (Tokyo Fashion News)

tokyo-fashion: hair salon assistant Ayano on the street in Harajuku with a cute short pastel hairstyle, a Uniqlo t-shirt tucked into a resale skirt, and Tokyo Bopper platforms.

Black skirt and red hair

Harajuku girl with ombre hair, a bucket hat, Benetton Treviso jersey, neoprene skirt, and Reebok sneakers.

16-year-old Harajuku student Yuka wearing a cat ears beanie, H&M suspender skirt, a gingham shirt by the Japanese brand Vanquish, and Topshop ankle boots.

Cat Ears Beanie w/ Vanquish Top, Suspender Skirt & Booties in Harajuku. I'm not sure about all but the skirt + shirt is really cool

19-year-old Manameru on the street in Harajuku wearing a Morph8ne top, plaid skirt, and YRU platform sandals with striped socks.

Manameru here features a heart print t-shirt from the Thai brand with a plaid pleated skirt, striped socks, and YRU platform sandals. Accessories include lace suspenders, colorful bracelets, and a Moschino backpack.

Lolita Fashion

Harajuku Lolita in Angelic Pretty Dress, Wings Veil & Gold Glitter Shoes (Tokyo Fashion,


tokyo-fashion: “ student wearing an outfit mostly from Spinns Harajuku, including a big tartan scarf, studded clutch, “Hello My Name Is” print socks & creepers.

[Pretty and Cute!] Yuka’s geometric print crop top is from i tokyo me, worn with a mini skirt from American Apparel and a leather jacket from Lowrys Farm. She accessorized with a Bubbles tattoo necklace, Beats SoloHD headphones, a red satchel, a ring and Dr. Martens boots. #Harajuku

I Tokyo Me Crop Top, American Apparel Skirt & Dr. Martens in Harajuku (Tokyo Fashion News)