Ouch </3

Funny pictures about After Nine Good Years. Oh, and cool pics about After Nine Good Years. Also, After Nine Good Years photos.

( I'm not in the Supernatural fandom but I know that all fandoms follow the Ohana rule so that's where this came from) Sign the name of your fandom(s) if you repin -- Hetalia-- OUaT ---Supernatural, Doctor Who, Avengers

Apparently he has been diagnosed with clinical deppression and we need to support him. >> I'm not even in the spn fandom but he needs out support! The doctor who fandom is supporting you Jared! Whovians unite to help spn!

Haha he would totally win

you know he would every time - True, true, true - Supernatural meets The Hunger Games - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester---> although I'm pretty sure either of the boys would win within the first couple of hours of the game :)

Misha Collins as Castiel ❤❤❤

Naomi: “Where is the Angel Tablet, Castiel?” Castiel: “In the words of a good friend… BITE ME.